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IoT Dev Hardware

Our disruptive approach to IoT brings world firsts in no less than five modules, sensor shields and equivalent OEM solutions. Whatever network takes your fancy, we have all you need. Choose out of WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, Sigfox, LTE CAT M1 / NB1, or have them all!

OEM Integration Services

Our OEM integration services provide best-in-industry solutions to any IoT project you throw our way. If your project is relatively small scale or even the largest of its kind, we have it sorted. The OEM products we provide are extremely low power, meaning the application will run for much longer than other OEM IoT providers can offer.

Pybytes Data Storage and Analytics

Pybytes is our free middleware platform available for all Pycom modules that enables you to manage and maintain your devices with our fully customisable interface. Read more!


IoT Dev Tools

Amateur hobbyist? Experienced developer? Tech industry king? We have the tools for you. Pymate runs straight from your smartphone to gather data without a single line of code. Or if you want more control, the Pymakr plugins allow you to code anything you desire in a range of popular code editors.

Tons of Support

Whether it’s a comprehensive collection of tutorial videos, live IoT workshops run by our developers (Alex’s Corner), in-depth documentation, a brimming downloads section featuring specification sheets, pinout diagrams and more, we have it. If you need, you can even contact us directly to ask us about using our products.