Not one to brag but the team here is just so incredibly proud of this achievement.

Since 2015, we’ve worked day and night, literally, to get Pycom off the ground. We’ve gone from zero business to decent business at warp speed. In the space of just 16 months, we’ve just about delivered an IoT portfolio of 5 LPWAN development boards, 4 OEM modules, lots of IoT accessories, and soon a FREE device management middleware platform…not a mean feat for such a small team.

We all feel very humbled when we think we’ve supported more than 50,000 unique visitors on the Pycom Forum. It’s a great and very active community already (over 7000 posts since inception in September 2016) and yet we hope that many more will come and interact with us and the rest of the growing community.

We love the growing number of IoT projects on and look forward to the ones we know are brewing under the hood at the moment. It’s a real celebration of awesome developers and of connected projects for the IoT.

Our Twitter community is growing too and we love peeping at all the cool stuff that’s being posted there – again, a jamboree of diverse, funny, educational and interesting stuff is coming through our feeds every day.

It’s fair to say we still have a long way to go, and in particular, to deliver on our commitments around the FiPy and GPy hardware as well as the OEM modules. The end is near for both projects and we’re very confident that with these new additions we’ll add to our community over the Summer. We’ll be updating everyone with exact timelines over the coming week.

A great big well done to all the Pycom team and to our growing community helping everyday make this company what it is today.
I’m so proud.