Ambassadors are independent and trusted IoT-industry heavyweights. In addition, they are friends of Pycom and can help others understand the good, the bad and the ugly truth about us and our products.

Simon Chapple

Formerly Chief Technology Officer at Datalytics Technology Limited, Simon is passionate about new technology products. He’s been delivering tech to customers for the past 30 years and has now swapped the commercial ventures for a stint in education. He is one of a rapidly growing team driving forward the University of Edinburgh’s IoT initiative. He also runs a regular IoT hands-on workshop for students at Edinburgh University. He is principle author of “Mastering Parallel Programming with R” and joint author of the open source ROpenCL package. Simon is attracted to complex challenges and the design and build of innovative high quality solutions while marrying technical innovation with strategic and commercial business needs.

Boris Adryan

Boris Adryan is a technologist with a diverse past. Starting out as a molecular biologist, he worked on the forefront of computational genome analysis for many years. After leading an academic research group at the University of Cambridge, he’s shifted focus to data analytics and machine learning for applications around the Internet of Things. He continues his journey of bringing established academic data sharing strategies into the IoT in his professional capacity at Zylke where he’s Head of IoT & Data Analytics. He tweets as: @BorisAdryan

Wayne Stallwood

Wayne’s a super competent Senior Infrastructure Consultant and Practice Lead at KCOM where day-to-day he delivers AWS solutions as well as internal and external tech consultancy. He is in possession of a great deal of knowledge about IoT, embedded technology and how to get connected end-to-end, including various middleware platforms like AWS. He is known for setting best practice and establishes great relationships with clients because of his ability to communicate complex issues easily to both technical and non-technical audiences. He tweets as: @digimatic

Ralf Ackerman

Ralf is another tech super-weight! With a degree in Computer Sciences, a PhD, more than 50 peer-reviewed academic papers published, a book on IP Telephony under his belt and a stint as an expert for the European Commission. He is an absolute expert in Networking, Quality of Service (IntServ, DiffServ) and Multimedia / IP Telephony Signalling as well as the full IoT protocol stack. Since 2006, he’s been a SAP development manager where he builds hardware and prototypes used for SAP IoT projects. He authored and supports the IoT Starterkit for the SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things too. Ralf enjoys working with Open Source and has been active with MicroPython and Pycom hardware since its early beginning. He tweets as: @_rac01

Conor Nolan

Uber technologist with full spectrum of interest in all areas of technology and innovation.

Conor’s been involved in development of lots of connected things and is currently a senior technologist for the well-known BOC Group (you may have seen the Oxygen tanks from a hospital bed or a gas canister or two in other places). His focus, right now, is on creating technical solutions that help disrupt and improve business models within the Linde Group’s industrial gas businesses covering the UK, Ireland and Africa. He is also a member of the ISA Skillnets (public/private partnership) board which rolls out training solutions based on real time industry needs.

Conor is interested in all new tech, new ideas, innovation and in collaborating with others to find solutions that resolve challenges.

Connor tweets as: @Cmnolan35