The Team

We believe in leading the organisation by example, so Pycom management is a dynamic multi-cultural, open minded and young-at-heart team of roll-your-sleeves-up telecommunications and consumer electronics experts … no stuffed shirts or number crunchers at the top, we are free to operate with your best interests in mind.

Fred de Haro

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Passionate about Start-ups and new technologies, Fred has spent many years building pre-IPO businesses and helping them secure high growth whilst remaining true to their original DNA. He is passionate about customers, team spirit and innovation. At Pycom he brings a culture of high performance and high integrity. Bilingual French/English and avid football fan, when he’s not cooking or looking after the other crazy co-founders.

Daniel Campora

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Super talented software lead with creative spark, ensuring successful use of new technology. Spearheading large automotive and smart city projects and well accustomed to demanding customers. Creator of WiPy and driving force behind its Kickstarter success. Open minded! Busy father of three who never seem to sleep.

Bettina Rubek Slater

Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder

Bettina is a tech marketeer and one of the co-founders of Pycom. She brings to the company an incredible level of strategy combined with detailed operational insight. Something much needed when dealing with the rest of the team whom like to talk in terms of vision! She’s a multi-lingual Scandinavian and speaks English, French and German and spent 17 years in a variety of tech companies including major blue chip organisations and a handful of start-ups.

Work With Us?

We invite only the best to join our team assembling it through meticulous recruiting and lots of on the job training.

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