We are a global Internet of Things (IoT) technology company.

With a community of over 800k developers, serving 20k business and enterprise customers, worldwide, we are delivering a fully integrated IoT platform for customers and partners that enables everyone to quickly build sustainable connected solutions that scale easily.

We are going to the future ahead of our customers and partners so we can help them be successful when they get there too.


The Team

We lead by example. A dynamic multi-cultural, open minded and young-at-heart management team. A hardened crew of roll-your-sleeves-up, have-at-it telecommunications and consumer electronics experts. All laser-focused on your best interests.


Pycom Office Locations:

  1. Pycom Inc
  2. Chairman of the Board, New York
  3. Pycom Ltd. HQ, UK
  4. Pycom Netherlands
  5. Pycom France
  6. Ukraine Team

Other Team Locations:

  • Denmark
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Bulgaria
  • Hungary
  • Australia

The Founders

We believe in leading the organisation by example, so Pycom management is a dynamic multi-cultural, open minded and young-at-heart team of roll-your-sleeves-up telecommunications and consumer electronics experts … no stuffed shirts or number crunchers at the top, we are free to operate with your best interests in mind.

Fred de Haro, CEO

Bettina Rubek Slater, COO