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IoT’s Role
in Sustainability

The climate debate talks of sustainability, but actually we’re beyond that point. What faces us now is a need to change the current trajectory and reverse the damage done.


With access to the data and with the knowledge of what needs to be done we can change the conversation around sustainability. We can alleviate climate change and help the regeneration of nature for the benefit of us all.


We believe IoT plays an important role in making that happen.



Every Thing should be sustainable.

We have lots of ideas of how we as a business can contribute to a more co-created approach to technology and to the future of mankind on Earth.

50 Billion connected devices consume a ton of energy.
So why not make that more sustainable with low power, AI optimised, and powered by renewable energy where possible?

Now imagine just under 1 million developers pulling in this direction with us!
We understand that we will be challenged on our credentials and our simple answer is as follows

We’re starting a journey towards a sustainable future for IoT by building technologies that support it


It’s not all in place and we will need help create a more centralised ecosystem around IoT, but Pycom has never taken the easy road
That is why we’re feeling optimistic and excited about every Thing communicating with everyone.

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