We’re on a mission. To deliver a revolutionary, fast, easy IoT platform. For too long, we saw developers struggle, because of complex systems, a lack of integration. Developing and deploying IoT solutions was just too hard.

OUR Beginning

We want to give developers what they need. A super-fast journey from rapid prototyping to enterprise-grade deployment. To bridge the gap between developers and enterprises. Plug. Program. Play. In weeks rather than months.

So we built our portfolio, making it up  of Multi-LPWAN-network, open source, MicroPython programmable development boards and OEM modules. All supported by a full, free IoT stack. Including the Pymakr IDE integration for popular IDEs, Device and network management middleware Pybytes, Mobile and desktop data visualisation apps such as Pymate.

OUR Method

Our enterprise-grade boards and modules consume a fraction of the energy of traditional modules. They enable multi-network applications. And they’re programmed in MicroPython, which is about 10 times faster than the traditional C programming option.

It all empowers large communities of developers, education facilities and enterprise customers to reduce complexity and focus on the invention of connected things. Because that’s what matters.

OUR Community

We serve a rapidly growing number of tech hobbyists. Makers. Enterprise developers. Education establishments. You’ll find our developers very active and happy to help.


Need our help to bring your idea to life?

Need our help to bring your idea to life?

Need our help to bring your idea to life?

We work with a number of customers to design and develop their connected solutions. Either from scratch or putting it all together. Get in touch with your project and we’ll come straight back to you with a proposal.

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