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Excerpt from the Adafruit BLOG on the WiPy Board.

Everything you need to get up and running with the new WiPy microcontroller. If MicroPython and wireless connectivity are your thing, you’ll appreciate this new mini-guide for getting started with the WiPy IoT development platform. Since the device is interacted with exclusively over wireless this guide will show you how to initially connect to it,modify the program, and discuss known security issues. It also includes an extensive additional resources section, for more MicroPython goodness, …..see more below.

NEW GUIDE: Getting Started With The WiPy Board #IoT #MicroPython @pycomIOT


Adafruit Industries is a New York City based open-source hardware company, and has been around since 2005.  They design, manufacture and sell a number of electronic products, tools, components and accessories.  The company’s goal to get people across the world involved in technology, engineering and science has led them to create (and become well known for!) a learning resources programme, which consists of live videos around programming and electronic devices.  These tutorials are published regularly, and show how to build projects using different products, whilst also pointing out the abilities and strengths of various IoT products.  The guides range from videos on 3D printing, building wearable electronic devices to sustainable IoT.