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(Today Fred de Haro featured in an article about an Earthquake Warning Android App from Internet of Business)

Researchers at the University of California’s Berkeley Seismological Laboratory have developed a mobile app to build an Internet of Things (IoT) seismic measurement community. 

Currently in the initial testing stages, MyShake is monitoring seismic activity across California and wherever else the app is downloaded. Before long researchers at UC hope that it will become an advanced warning tool and help them predict when and where earthquakes are going to occur.

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Fred’s extracted comment:

Speaking with Internet of Business, Fred de Haro, CEO of IoT start up Pycom, suggested that early warnings via IoT devices could soon be commonplace when dealing with impending natural disasters, with the Earthquake Warning Android App being a great example of this.

He said: “Monitoring earthquakes and alerting early warning applications via the Internet typically uses very low amounts of data and therefore can take advantage of low cost/long range networks, such as the LoRa low power WAN. Rural areas and coastlines will be able to install LoRa networks connected to inexpensive battery-operated seismic, which could alert applications such as MyShake and give users even greater advanced warning of earthquakes and potential tsunamis.”