We are pleased to announce our new Affiliate program for Helium Hotspot Miners.

From today, you can register and set up and account to become a Pycom Affiliate, earn commission on every successful referral and be part of our Helium Community.

But first you probably have some questions like


Where can I learn more about participation?
Go to our affiliate registration page and get yourself up and running.


Does this only apply to Helium Hotspot Miners?
Yes. We are not currently offering Affiliate Programs for other Pycom products.


How much commission will I earn as an Affiliate?
5% of the Pycom Hotspot Miner (€275) for successful referrals.


We’ve gathered some more Frequently Asked Questions here


We hope you’ll join us in spreading the word about our new Low cost Helium Hotspots.

Let’s get #thepeoplesnetwork covering the whole world.