Contribute to Pycom’s open source code

We believe in leading the organisation by example, so Pycom management is a dynamic multi-cultural, open minded and young-at-heart team of roll-your-sleeves-up telecommunications and consumer electronics experts … no stuffed shirts or number crunchers at the top, we are free to operate with your best interests in mind.

Pycom is the creator of a number of development boards and their firmware is open source enabling our developers to download our source code and make contributions in the spirit of open source.

Contributions to this software are accepted under the terms of the Pycom Contributor License Agreement, based on the Apache 2.0 contributor license agreement (CLA), the license being in favour of Pycom Limited.

  1. Download the APACHE Licence agreement
  2. enter details, sign and date
  3. Send to
  4. Crack on…

Full Pycom Licence V.1 here


Need our help to bring your idea to life?

Need our help to bring your idea to life?

Need our help to bring your idea to life?

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