We’ve got tens of thousands of awesome customers doing great things. And they come from all industries. From the greenest crop and vital livestock monitoring in agriculture to cost-reducing predictive maintenance of heavy industrial machines, funky tank and interesting facilities management solutions in Industrial sectors, we’ve pretty much seen it all.

Classifications of IoT applications and where and how the technology is being described overlaps. Called Industrial IoT in one write up and predictive maintenance or insurance telematics in another. We’ve clustered a few of the verticals we serve a lot, below.

IoT Technologies in Vertical Markets

customer stories of agricultural internet of things


Agri-tech is a somewhat new but very significant part of IoT today. Solutions vary from livestock and crop monitoring to predictive maintenance on industrial machinery.

customer stories of utilities iot


Anything from oil and gas extraction and pipeline monitoring to simple smart metering of water, electricity and gas falls under this vertical market. 

customer stories of transport and logistics iot

Transport & Logistics

The oldest and most advanced IoT vertical is transport  and logistics which includes fleet and vehicle telematics, mapping and supply chain and replenishment logistics applications.

customer stories of industrial iot

Industrial IoT

Often shortened to IIoT, this is everything related to sensors connected to instruments and machinery in industrial settings such as industrial, manufacturing and utility sites.

customer stories of predictive maintenance internet of things

Predictive Maintenance

A fairly new category that overlaps with IIoT, this is specifically related to monitoring to large equipment and systems for the purpose of maintaining and ensuring operational continuity.

customer stories of health iot solutions and devices

Personal Wellbeing

Not inclusive of critical care and public safety applications, this vertical market includes pretty much everything else from health and fitness monitoring to personal safety. 


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