Our documentation is available at, here you can find pinout diagrams, specification sheets, firmware upgrades and more. But if that doesn’t work you can ask a question directly to the support team at, or join us on the Pycom Forum. Likewise, we’re here to help, but we’ve created this set of Downloads for those of you who want to self-serve.

Firmware Updates

Some of our boards may need a firmware upgrade before you use them. This is because we’re consistently pushing to achieve the best possible products and this sometimes means upgrading the firmware once hardware has already been shipped.

Here you can download Pycom upgrader software, which will enable you to upgrade your firmware.

Note: Before running the Linux updater you might need to run: sudo apt-get install dialog in the command line.

Specification Sheets

Our specification sheets provide an in-depth look at the features which our boards offer.

Development Boards

Expansion Boards & Shields

OEM Modules

Pinout Diagrams

Our pinout diagrams provide a cross-reference between the pins of our boards and their functions.

Branding Materials

If you need other formats or sizes please do not hesitate to contact
3D Models
If you’re working with 3D printed objects then you can find the to scale models here.

LoPy, SiPy, GPy

The LoPy, SiPy and GPy all have the same shape, so the model is the same. LoPy SiPy GPy .stl LoPy SiPy GPy.obj Lopy SiPy Gpy.step

L01, S01, G01

The L01, S01 and G01 all have the same shape, so the model is the same. L01 S01 G01 .stl L01 S01 G01.obj L01 S01 G01.step

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