When we sat down to brainstorm our new slogan we were clear on one key ground rule: NO industry jargon!

I was badgered by our marketing expert whom made it her mission to bin any suggestions which had the mention of IoT, Connectivity, Digital Transformation, etc.

Truth is that the industry is already littered with jargon words which sadly we all persist in repeatedly using… words which do not mean anything to the average consumer. For instance, nobody wakes up in the morning and say to themselves “I am going to build an IoT product” They probably thought “I am going to build the world’s first connected Toaster”…yeah, you never know, there may be a good market for that :).

Fact is that IoT means so little for people outside the industry and so perhaps we could start ditching such jargon words which today only suits the mega vendors such as Cisco and GE’s of this world.

Secondly, so many companies focus on the “How to” and not the “What”. Let me illustrate what I mean by sharing with you the most frequently asked questions put to me when joining some of the conference panels:

  • What connectivity standard should we use for our latest product?
  • Who will win the battle, LoRa or SigFox?
  • What will happen to 3G/2G in Europe?

Reality is nobody can accurately predict it!

I can understand the problem faced by today’s Makers as they need reassurance that their things will work and be able to connect as expected when deployed in the market. But as communications technologies evolve the Makers will continue to have these headaches as devices:

  • are not deployed in A1 locations (e.g. Open spaces far away from basements and buildings)
  • are deployed globally (the regional effect of telecom standards)
  • have different data usage levels
  • need to connect to connected spectrums with differing standards
  • require various sources of power supply (e.g. mains vs battery)

Problems will continue to persist for our Maker community as long as the World continues NOT to be Flat (see Magellan’s circumnavigation of the Earth (1519–21) for details).

The answer must therefore be flexibility and resiliency (or redundancy)!

But, we have been conditioned by the industry to think that flexibility and resiliency costs money: FALSE! It comes in the shape of small easy to connect modules that, if properly and intelligently designed, should cost a fraction of sending an engineer out to reset the comms on a deployed asset.

With this in mind, we can now answer the question in hand: Why and how the new slogan of Go Invent?
Quite simply! At Pycom we are working hard to make the problems faced by Makers and companies looking to deploy connected assets, a thing of the past. Our multi-connect boards will ensure you have flexibility and resiliency with more than one connectivity bearer available at each deployment point thus reducing the cost of a return to site visit. It no longer matters how the Things connect because with Pycom, you know it will connect. And, MicroPython gives you wings to create and deploy quickly, and.. go invent!

Therefore, the focus of all our customers can now be on the user case and the application. That is clearly what will drive business and customer satisfaction.

So in short: GO INVENT!

Fred and the Pycom Team

Go Invent World Series Development Board San Francisco