Three down, great many more to go 🙂

#GOINVENT event number three saw the five of us arrive in the morning at the Factory Berlin with Banners, FiPy kits and Starbucks coffee in hand. The fab event team at the venue had made sure the room and more coffee was ready and with punctuality engrained in their German culture, everyone turned up on time and ready for the day’s activities.

Fred kicked off with his brief overview of Pycom and with no further questions asked Christian scooted along with the FiPy set up, hacking and much more.

Next  we scooted down the route of getting everything set up and up and running on the various networks available on the day.







Pymesh with Catalin was a good exercise and we managed to get many of the participants up and running on that.

It was a great day with many interesting conversations. Not least with a couple of technical education establishments in Berlin who will be offering students a chance to learn how to develop IoT concepts based on our kits. Pycom is seeding the future of connected innovation and we’re super happy about that!

Again we want to say a huge THANK YOU TO