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This was the kick-off event for our Global GOINVENT Workshop series.

Clontarf Castle is magical!

We welcomed 70-or so developers at the event and got set up to give them the first of the GOINVENT workshops.

Speakers were Bettina, Fred, Daniel and Catalin and a brief chat from David Armour at Semtech.

development boards for connecting things to the internet

development boards for connecting things to the internet

The agenda was packed with overviews of the various tools, the FiPy set up, connections to the LoRa TTN network and an unsuccessful test for Cellular NB-IoT :-/ (We’ve since learned that the SIMs were not activated on the portal. Shame on us!!) 

What did we manage to do?

  • We walked everyone through the FiPy set up so everyone walked out with a working multi-network PoC
  • We got everyone connected to the local TTN LoRa network
  • We got those participants who wanted to, connected to the Pymesh
  • We chatted to old friends and new ones joining our community…it was great!
internet of things events and workshops around the world

internet of things events and workshops around the world

Some good feedback came out of the event: 

  • Create shortcuts for the various sites we’re visiting during the workshop (we’ll be doing that)
  • Suggestions of streaming of participants, splitting into two groups (those who are already up and running with Pycom and those to whom our technology is brand new). We’re looking into that but it does create some logistical challenges for venue booking
  • Yup. We had an issue with the Eventbrite system whereby everyone was asked to get to the event for 8AM :-/…when in fact coffee and tea was available from 8:30 and with the sessions only starting at 9:30 AM. Apologies to those early risers who didn’t see the notification email.


It was a great start and we think everyone came away having learned something new, including us Pylots….and the Dublin beer was good too 🙂

More feedback welcome to


That’s all from Dublin!
Eindhoven next.


mouser electronics, semtech and espressif

mouser electronics, semtech and espressif