So, we took the GOINVENT world Series to our home town of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. It is also the home of some very long-term community members with some bringing along some of our very first iterations of our development hardware products…relics today 🙂

We hosted the event at the High Tech campus, home to Philips innovation, tons of other large organisations and over 40 Startups.

We were shown some cool products before we kicked off and some really interesting conversations ensued around Beehives (with delicious honey), Glasshouse monitoring ….and some of us learned how WiFi is unsuitable for those wet environments due to ‘laws of physics’ and hence LoRa is being used successfully…. and much more.

Who were there: Fred, Bettina, Daniel, Christian and Islam as well as Remco from Vodafone.

So, what did we get up to in Eindhoven?

Well, we went through the agenda and got everyone up and running on the FiPy.

We then used the local Eindhoven TTN network to get everyone connected to that and then moved onto NB-IoT with Remco and Vodafone IoT. 10 SIMs were shared in groups amongst the participants and we think Remco got them all back in the end…


Pybytes was not quite ready for NB-IoT messages on the day, but it is now after Christian has worked his magic. Check it out below. We’re soon ready to supply Vodafone SIMs with easy management via Pybytes.

We then completed a Pymesh session and then let participants lose with their own development objectives while Daniel, Islam and Christian supported.

Beers were on us at the end of the day and some very traditional Dutch Sausage Rolls – yum!

Over the course of the event we took some good feedback. It’s our understanding that it was a worthwhile day. Everyone walked out with their FiPy kits connected to a network and had learned new development tricks during the day.

We will run an official survey after a few more events to understand what we should do more of and what we can improve, so look out for those emails if you attended the event. In the meantime, you are welcome to send to

That’s all from Eindhoven!

Berlin and Madrid workshops end of May.
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