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And so, our #GOINVENT World Series continues. We completed our 1-day IoT technology workshop in Hyderabad on the 19th November at the HITEX Exhibition Centre in downtown Hyderabad. 

Hyderabad iot technology workshop

Why Hyderabad? 

Well, our CEO, Fred de Haro, has the answer for you – “Hyderabad is a great place to showcase our easy and yet powerful LPWAN technology. This place is buzzing with development potential and we know that our MicroPython programmable hardware, hits a sweet spot with developers here.” 

As with the other workshops, our CEO Fred and our COO Bettina were the hosts, as well as our lead embedded developers, Christian and Catalin.   

The main objective for the workshop is to get developers from ‘Idea to connected IoT product in 1 day’, focusing on using LPWAN networks such as LoRa and Sigfox using MicroPython scripting on embedded technology. 

The development board at this workshop was slightly different from the previous ones, as we used a LoPy4 board instead of a FiPy. All participants were given a LoPy4 board, an Expansion Board, a temperature and humidity sensor and a USB cable to take home and continue their LoRa/Sigfox development.  

Pycom showcased some super interesting things; their new €49.95 8-channel LoRaWAN gateway,  Pygate, their new LoRa-based mesh network, Pymesh and their second generation Device Management Platform, Pybytes.   

The event itself 

industry experts for tech, IoT solutions and connectivity projects


We kicked off in the usual fashion, as Fred gave all of the participants an overview of Pycom and the full-stack IoT solution that we offer. Then, it was straight into the Hardware set-up with Christian and Catalin. This time around, participants were developing on the LoPy4 and Expansion Board, with the addition of a temperature and humidity sensor.  

So, we rolled into how to get started on Pybytes 2.0. It’s wonderfully simple and only takes a few clicks to get up and running. Just ask our attendees, as they were connected and moving on to setting up their temperature sensors in record-quick time.  


We then broke for lunch and ran headfirst into the second half of the workshop.  

industry experts for tech, IoT solutions and connectivity projects

This was where everyone began to collect their data from their sensors and could see it showing up on the Pybytes dashboard. We love our Device Management Platform, because we also got everyone up and running on TTN as well – it works with our network partners and shows data in an easily customisable and digestible form.  Easy peasy 

industry experts for tech, IoT solutions and connectivity projects

Catalin then took to the stage, as he is our Mr Pymesh. He introduced our LoRa-based mesh network and went through what it can be used for and how it works. For those of you waiting on a Pymesh update, we are currently waiting on licensing. Once we have that, you’ll have a release date!  

For now, the workshops are an excellent space to air your questions as we always set aside time for ‘Subject Matter Expertise’. This means that participants can pick the brains of our tech evangelists – ask whatever questions around whatever interests you in the world of IoT or LPWANS.  

Our agenda has evolved over the course of our 2019 #GOINVENT World Series. We’re now able to showcase LoRa with both TTN and… (drum roll please) our new Chirpstack and LoRa Pygate solution. We have loved the madness of 2019 – it’s been a year of highs and lows (as there always are in the universe of start-ups). Thank you to everyone who has attended so far!  

A special thank you to all our partners who have supported us with sponsorship for this series of #GOINVENT workshops: Espressif, Mouser, Semtech, Sequans and Sigfox, as well as local partners iB Hubs and CyberEye.
Mouser Electronics, Semtech, Espressif, Verizon, Sequans, Sigfox