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This is our end of life announcement for our early portfolio items. Below is the detail of the announcement and some information about how to transition.


Transition to a new Hardware Portfolio

You may have seen us announce previously, 2022 will see Pycom launch its new portfolio of modules – the F01 range.

There will be 2 main modules:

  • F01 H7: ST M32 H7 chip + NXP secure element
  • F01 S3: ESP32-S3 chip + NXP secure element


Both F01 H7 and F01 S3 modules will be manufactured as an SMT base OEM module and available to purchase in 2 form factors:

  • Reel supplied as SMT module giving our users the ability to integrate directly onto their PCB.
  • M.2 board with integrated module thus allowing for a more inter-swappable module / design.

Additional variant modules will follow such as:

– G01 H7 or S3: LTE-M/NB-IoT, WiFi and BLE
– L01 H7 or S3: LoRa, LoRa MESH, Sigfox, WiFi and BLE
– W01 H7 or S3: WiFi and BLE


Transition and compatibility documentation (pin outs and compatibility) for customers to migrate to this new range will be made available over the coming months.


Pricing for the new F01 Range

We are working on getting the pricing out and expect to be able to communicate this before end of July 2022.



F01 Availability

The first batch for each of these new F01 modules will be ready to ship in Q4 2022.
Pre-orders to guarantee first receipt of modules will start Q3 2022.


New Portfolio Certification

The F01 and any subsequent modules will be certified for FCC, CE, IC and RCM.



Where are we putting our resources?

To develop this new range, Pycom will focus its resources moving forward onto this new Platform as a Service (PaaS)-enabled product range including integration into its freshly updated Pybytes device management platform. The Device management cloud will deliver a bunch of new services that ties the proposition together to make sure that everyone benefits from easier and faster set up, configuration and development – all in another push to shorten time to market for IoT projects. We will not only support our modules but also the MCUs allowing programming in either C++ or MicroPython via our online IDE.


Announcing the “End of Life” of our current portfolio

Since we designed, developed, and launched our existing range of products from 2015 onwards, a number of components used have become / are becoming obsolete. This, in addition to the current complexities with component sourcing means that it is no longer viable to maintain the existing portfolio. It is therefore our intent to phase out the following product range (powered by the ESP32) by December 2022:

  • WiPy3
  • LoPy4
  • FiPy
  • GPy
  • L01
  • L04
  • G01
  • W01


Invitation to Last Time Buy

We will do our best to work with all our customers to transition. The first step in this process is that we invite all our customers to place a last-time-buy order for the following ESP32 legacy products: L01, G01, W01, LoPy4, FiPy and GPy. We will then in turn place a last time order on our factories with a view to supplying these by December 2022.


Important Dates – Last Time Buy Ordering Process

Before 30th June 2022: Contact Pycom sales and advise of your plans.
Before 8th July 2022: Completion of all admin process related to customer orders.

The cut-off date for all purchase order activities will be 8th July 2022 COB.

After this time, it will no longer be possible to place orders for the legacy range nor will Pycom be keeping stock of such products.
All EOL orders are non-cancellable and non-refundable.


End of Life Queries

An FAQ detailing our Roadmap and this End of Life transition is available here.

If you are an existing customer with an ongoing project and are affected by this End of Life activity, you are always welcome to contacts us so we can help you plan a transition.

Please send your questions, requirements, or POs to