Pymate: Super cool new free Pycom mobile app to be released on Apple and Google App Stores from September 2016.

A taste of Pymate

by Roberto Marques

Pymate is a mobile app that you can use to take control of your WiPy and LoPy devices. With some simple steps you will be able to turn “on” and “off” digital pins, change pwm values, read data trough the analog interfaces and run your own pre-programmed tasks directly from your phone or tablet using a wifi connection.


The app is currently under development and will soon be open for public beta testing on iOS, but because you are our mate, we wanted to give you a sneak peek here.

Here’s me, Roberto, showing you how far we are on the Pymate development.

With the release of the app we’ll provide users with a simple to install Pymate Library developed in Python to run on your Pycom board such as WiPy and LoPy which means connecting to the phone becomes effortless.

The fact that Pymate implements its own protocol over MQTT makes network requests smaller and helps save bandwidth, battery as well as reduces CPU usage.

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