(Fred de Haro features in article from Internet of Business)

Citizen science uploads data to the cloud to save sea cows from extinction

Fishermen in the Philippines have been drafted in to help protect a type of marine mammal from extinction using IoT, smartphones and the cloud.

The conservation project, managed by Smart Earth Network (SEN) and C3 (Community Centred Conservation), uses IoT platform provided by Kii – a Japanese start-up which Cisco invested in last week.

Fishermen, during their voyages out to sea, use an Android app on smartphones provided to them by the project to take pictures of dugong (or sea cows). These images are then uploaded via the app alongside GPS data to locate sightings.

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Fred’s extracted comment:

Fred de Haro, CEO at PyCom, told Internet of Business that IoT applications are evolving to combine greater use of networks for both consumers and businesses.

“This application of fishermen using smartphones to monitor sea life is a good example of how traditional cellular networks could be mixed with new LPWAN networks to ensure constant connectivity throughout patchy areas,” he said.

“Multi-bearer solutions are enabling consumers and businesses to drive maximum value (and satisfaction) from their application irrespective of where they find themselves. Whether navigating the coastal regions of their countries or within isolated country locations. Ultimately, reliable IoT puts the power back in the hands of the fishermen.”