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MuRata and Pycom Collaboration around F01 H7

The Power of Two for the Connection of Many

Integrated and Accelerated IoT by MuRata and Pycom

What did we just announce?

You’re probably here because you saw the Press Release announcing this new collaboration between Pycom and MuRata.

“Murata Pycom collaboration to slash IoT projects time-to-market”

That’s right. We have aligned our common goals to make life a lot easier for companies with IoT projects.
If you want to revisit the Press Release or if you haven’t yet seen it you can check it here.

MuRata Product News
F01 H7 Pre order

Our EVK represents the ideal end-to-end solution for customers tasked with designing low-power and small form factor cellular IoT devices with full LPWAN network redundancy. This collaboration will deliver flawless customer engagement and ensure their ideas get to market in record time, bringing cellular IoT technology to a much broader market.

Samir Hennaoui

Product Manager, Connectivity Modules, MuRata

Tailored to make IoT projects easy

the F01 H7 comes with a high performance specification which include Pycom’s first ARM integration, cool LPWAN radios as well as a security new chip from NXP.  It’s all supported by our easy to get-on-with development environment including Pymakr, Pybytes, mobile and desktop apps and of course, our docs and forum. More will be posted over the summer 2022.

F01 H7 High Level Specs

MicroPython programmable

  • 32 Bit ARMCortex H7 CPU – STM32H7B3QIY6QTR
  • WiFi / BLE – MuRata 1DX
  • LoRa – MuRata 1SJ
  • Cellular CAT M1/NB1 – MuRata 1SC
  • Powerful Encryption chip – NXP SE050C2HQ1
  • 32MB RAM + 32MB Flash Ram

Take me to the Data Sheet 

Launch and Availability

We’re planning for availability of the F01 H7, development SDK and support from September 2022. If you want to keep up to date with further announcements over the  coming months, please feel free tor register below. Alternatively, follow us on Linkedin and Twitter where we’ll be first to give you news.



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