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Amsterdam, 25 February 2016. Pycom, a start-up IoT module manufacturer launched with Texas Instruments at CES2016, has exceeded all expectations for investment of its LoPy IoT development board.

“We have been totally overwhelmed by the support for our LoPy Kickstarter campaign. The project was fully funded in just 5 days, was selected as a Kickstarter ‘Project We Love’ and now has over 1,000 mixed enterprise and developer backers from 56 countries who have pledged 176% of our initial funding goal – and the campaign still has 13 days left to run!” said Fred de Haro, CEO of Pycom.

The company is now half way through its second product development project on Kickstarter to fund the development of the LoPy, the world’s first and only triple network IoT development board featuring LoRa WAN, WiFi and Bluetooth (BLE) that doubles up as a Nano Gateway. Funding options for the LoPy start at just €29 which will provide the backer with one LoPy board.

The LoPy’s LoRa Nano Gateway feature means users don’t necessarily need access to a LoRa network (LP WAN) – they can generate their own thus giving developers complete independence to fulfil their IoT ambitions.

”Giving companies and developers multi-network connectivity does not need to come at a price premium if the product is intelligently designed and manufactured from the onset. Suppliers of IoT solutions must start thinking differently. Whilst much of the industry’s institutional investment has been focused on middleware platforms (all 550 of them), it’s vital we start addressing the major flaws in today’s hardware platforms, that’s what Pycom is doing.” de Haro continues.

The Pycom team is currently working with a number of LoRa network providers to ensure wide access come August 2016 when the product ships. For some backers, this will mean free access to and use of LoRa networks. Senet in the US has pledged that they will give all LoPy backers free access for up to two LoPy units from August 2016.

Pycom is in talks with several major middleware platform providers about offering access for developers to use their data management platforms and is expected to announce more on this within a few weeks.

“In addition to the funding secured so far, we’ve had great feedback with one backer telling us how pleased he was to finally meet a company that “understands the complexities faced by makers” – which is a great endorsement. Ultimately, the company seeks to deliver on its vision to connect all aspects of IoT into one easy to use portal – the Pycom Exchange. IoT App Store, Resource Exchange, Channel Gateway, data and connectivity management platform and much more, the scale of this portal is ambitious at best and unlike anything that is out there for developers and enterprises today.” de Haro concludes.

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<strong>About Pycom</strong>

Pycom delivers an IoT platform for fast deployment of multi-bearer MicroPython (open source) powered modules. The modules are supported by an IDE (Pymakr) and a comprehensive library of industry specific applications to help a community of developers, education customers and enterprises. LoRa Alliance member.



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