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Enterprise Device Cloud Overview

Our Enterprise Device Cloud offering gives our customers the benefits of our deep tech, full IoT stack expertise spanning embedded hardware all the way up through the cloud and arriving at dashboard services. It’s a powerful integrated tool for device, network and data management. it helps development teams build, launch and manage Things the connect to the Internet. We focus on multi-network, low power, and fast integration as well as all the following features.

  • Device Management (CRUD)​
  • Device/fleet Provisioning: via USB, via Mobile App (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth)​
  • Device OTA updates (FW, code, config.json)​
  • Project Management (CRUD)​
  • Signals/Data visualisation​
  • Alerts and Notification system​
  • Pymakr online coder (MicroPython) + GitHub integration​
  • Network Management (Wi-Fi, LTE, LoRa, Sigfox, Ethernet)​
  • Release Management​
  • Device Dashboard​
  • Project Dashboard
  • Fast IoT Dashboards
  • SIM Card Management​
  • LoRa Mesh (Pymesh) – Building, Configuring, Monitoring​
  • Cloud Integrations – AWS, Azure, WebHook, Google Cloud
  • Machine Learning (NN training)​

How does this compare with the Developer Device Cloud version?

Compared with the Pybytes for Developers the Enterprise Device Cloud

  1. can be branded to your company or group company specifics
  2. can increase the number of users supported on one account and access can be permission based and tiered
  3. offers greater amount of feature customisation exposing some and not others to permitted users


The Difference

What differentiates our Enterprise Device Cloud offering from many others is the deep integration we have with many of the silicon vendor partners.

We support a variety of Microcontrollers, pretty much all LPWAN radios and if there’s something you can’t find, it\s probably that we’re working on it but just haven’t exposed it yet,

Pybytes for Enterprises can come in one of 3 configurations

In our shared Device Cloud but rebranded, and configured for your Enterprise

In your own Device Cloud and rebranded, and configured for your enterprise

On premise whereby it is hosted by your enterprise, rebranded, and configured for you

Which Device Cloud is right for me?

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