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Device Cloud for Partners

Pycom is already partnered with a number of large silicon vendors to underpin their IoT go-to-market
and customer services with a tailored Device Cloud.

It’s a fully integrated IoT stack that includes everything from sensors, gateways network services as well as device, network and data management all culminating in Fast IoT dashboards.

Platform as a Service

We apply our embedded expertise to a partner electronics platform and combine it with the rest of our IoT stack. This produces Evaluation Kits, customer and community support as well as a bespoke, rebranded Device Cloud to support customers from initial project planning through to large scale. This approach helps silicon vendors and other partners in helping their customers. We believe that this fully integrated device-to-Cloud solution speeds time to revenue up by a factor of 3.

Speeds up customer projects and Time to Market


Removes complexity supporting initial and ongoing development towards scaled deployments


Offers a 1-stop show that has a demonstrably lower Total Cost of Ownership for both partners and customers

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