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Software and
Mobile Apps

We have all the software and tools you need to develop, deploy and scale your IoT solution. Start with Pybytes app to connect to the Device Cloud, use our Pymakr IDE online or as a plugin to code anything you desire. While using Pybytes, develop, provision and update as many devices as you want from your smart phone. In its desktop version, you can store, monitor and analyse every single bit of data coming from your Pycom module. And don’t forget to have a go at our new dashboards, mesh set up, Machine Learning and FOTA.

Device Cloud

A powerful, feature-rich device cloud platform that enables both customers and partners to configure, develop and manage IoT devices from PoC, through deployment and right the way to scaling up to hundreds of thousands of devices. Pybytes now supports a number of different microcontroller and radio chips and modules platforms. Pybytes works from your smartphone or desktop to provision your devices in minutes and manage all your devices in one place. Everything is organised and presented in an intuitive way to make sure you are guided through each step of getting connected to wireless networks, easily managing devices and enabling you to just get on with your development activities. We’ve recently added wizard-based Fast IoT Dashboards with meaningful information in a matter of minutes.

Our Device Cloud can be used directly and freely as Pybytes, through a partner platform or as your own branded a Platform as a Service.

Device Code

This includes Firmware, Source Code & Drivers.

Pycom writes firmware for all our partner electronics, modules and devices and all of this is stored in Github.We have a very large library of device and source code for all the devices we have created over the years. Our device firmware code is written primarily in C, C++ and MicroPython. Most of the code is open source and some of it is subject to GPL.V3. It is all hosted under our Github repo and can be accessed and modified for genuine Pycom devices. For 3rd party devices it is still possible to use our code, but a licence agreement has to be put in place.

Mesh Networks

We’ve developed a couple of Mesh Networks. One based on BLE and another based on LoRa(WAN). Notably, our smart patented LoRa(WAN) Mesh Network (Pymesh) can be used to connect LoRa(WAN) devices in a mesh. This is handy when a number of devices are working as a group and only a few of them have access to a backhaul network. This gives the whole group internet access even when some of them are out of range of a backhaul network.

Pymesh on Pybytes IoT free cloud-based device management platform


Development Tools

We’ve taken the time to develop many cool tools to give developers an easier life. Our IDE, Pymakr which allows you to program all our devices is one of those tools as is our Firmware Updater and a whole host of other helpful stuff including a tool that enables Firmware Over The Air (FOTA). We’ve also documented pretty much everything we have done in our very large, but easy to navigate documentation system. A developer, with a minimum amount of prior experience in IoT technology, should be able to get up and running within a few hours.

Mobile Apps

We have developed a number of mobile apps to make everything easy and to help everyone use our technology on the go. Our Pybytes App helps users automatically set up and connect their development kits via a mobile phone while our Pylife App is made specifically for the purpose of managing PyGo devices.


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