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it goes without saying that Mobile Apps are helpful. We’ve developed a few of those to help you get started with IoT and also to manage some of the devices we have created.

Mobile Apps

Pybytes App

With the Pybytes Mobile App you can connect, provision and commission your devices without physically connecting them to your laptop. All you have to do is power up, connect to Wifi and let the App do the rest. Once you’re done you can manage everything else from the Pybytes Device Cloud. Super Simple!

Pylife App

Our Pylife App helps you manage PyGo devices getting connected, forming your mesh setting up contacts and much more. It’s your digital dashboard, where you will find all of your PyGo devices and their owners. It has messaging, mapping and visualisation features, all in a bid to connect a community of people. We have spent years in the technology field developing multi-network solutions. This means that the Pylife app will work with five different types of network. That means that you’re not paying for a device that only works in certain cases.