1 Hour of Support


Get off to a good start or resolve your issues. We support you.



Sometimes you may just need more than a simple piece of quick advice.
Pycom offers support with products and projects where we help you move beyond your challenges.

This may include:

  • Set up support
  • Trouble shooting
  • Code review
  • Issue resolution
  • …and much more, depending on the requirement.

Delivery can be done via either of the following:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Slack
  • Skype
  • Jira

Who Supports?

We have a number of evangelists at Pycom who look after our customers. We also have subject matter experts that are consulted with more complex requirements. We tailor the support to make sure we give everyone the best possible chance of success.

Process for getting support

  1. Put the 1-hour support ticket in your basket and check out.
  2. Make a note your order number and send it to the help team via update to an existing ticket or raising a new one.
  3. We’ll confirm receipt and timeframe for when we can allocate the hour and give you an idea of next steps.



  • 1 hour of support does not guarantee resolution. It is one hour of our evangelist’s time to review and resolve in as far as is possible. It may be required to use additional time to resolve an issue or investigate further, but we’ll use best endeavours to resolve your issues.
  • If the issue is found to be ours then we credit the payment back to you.


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