F01 S3 Evaluation Kit – Get Started Edition


Order now for delivery in November 2022
For pioneers and innovators, we have created a new F01 S3 Evaluation Kit featuring state of the art ESP32-S3, Sequans GM02S and Semtech SX1262. Everything you need for your IoT Project. You’ll be ready for development, data collection, device management and scale from day 1

Delivery: 30 November 2022
Number EVKs available: Limited

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Order now for delivery in November 2022

For early adopters and eager innovators, we have created a new IoT Evaluation Kit. which contains everything you need to get up and running with your multi-network ESP32-S3-based IoT Project. It’s ready for set up, data collection, device management in from the Pybytes Device Cloud and scale from day 1.

Delivery: 30 November 2022

Number of Kits available: LImited


F01 S3 Evaluation Kit Contents


  • F01 S3 Module
  • M.2 Board
  • New Expansion Board 5.1
  • 3 Antennas: WiFi, LoRa, and Cellular
  • New F01 S3 Fast Development Tray
  • 1NCE SIM card for access to cellular networks (Cat-M1 and NB1) with upto 36 months line rental or 250MB data (whichever occurs first)… then simply top-up!
  • 12 Months Pybytes Device Cloud Access



Pybytes Device Cloud

This is your F01 S3 SDK: https://pybytes.pycom.io

From this new powerful Device Cloud you can connect, configure and manage your EVK. It features an integrated IDE which helps you program in MicroPython or C++. You’ll be able to program, update firmware and configure your F01 S3 devices for a multitude of IoT Applications as well as see and manage your sensor data. This is a fast and easy way to have continuity from Proof of Concept to Scaling without re-doing development through the process saving you and your IoT Project time and money.

Access for 12 months is included in the F01 S3 EVK.



F01 S3 Features

  • ESP32-S3 OEM module with Sequans and Semtech radio technology
  • Easily SMT mounts onto standard carrier boards or M.2 boards
  • 28 IOs broken out on the module pads accessed via a High-Density Connector
  • Optional External WiFi/BLE antenna, RGB LED, Reset button and more on the M.2 carrier board
  • Four Networks including WiFi, BLE, Cellular LTE–CAT M1/NB1, LoRa
  • World ready as one product covers all LoRa(WAN) frequencies and LTE–M bands
  • MicroPython and C/C++ programmable with Ultra–Low power usage: a fraction of other connected microcontrollers
  • F01 Module Size 40mm x 16mm x 2.7mm


M.2 Board Features

  • Up to 60 High density M.2 connectors
  • Connector Type?
  • Onboard Antennas for WiFi and BLE
  • External Antenna Connectors for WiFi, LoRa and Cellular
  • Boot Loader Button
  • Expansion IOs
  • SIM Slot for LTE-M Connectivity


Expansion Board 5.1 Features

This simple Expansion board comes with the following features:

  • M.2 connector for new generation modules such as the F01 series
  • USB on-the-go for USB controller embedded on F01 H7, enabling USB peripheral development.
  • Pin Headers for older generation modules
  • DIP switches to connect external USB UART and the onboard LED
  • Extra connectors for battery power
  • SD card holder
  • USB-C power and data connector
  • User switch and LED
  • Seamless integration into Pybytes Device Cloud online IDE


NOTE: This is Expansion Board is different to the one containing STLINK in-circuit debugger and programmer for STM32 H7 MCU and STM32 L0 MCU


Setting your EVK up for a PoC and Pilot

The EVK gets you started in one go. The F01 S3 will come soldered onto an M.2 Board which then clicks neatly into the Expansion Board. This is a 10-second task. From there, you connect antennas and power up. Connecting to the Cloud is so easily done and from there you can set up and configure your device, using the online IDE for programming, setting up networks, switching those to your hearts content and much more. You can attach Bluetooth, LoRa and other connected sensors to the F01 S3.


How to Scale Quickly?

Once you’re through your PoC you can move onto using the F01 S3 on your own design or indeed design your own PCB with the Semtech SX1262 and the Sequans GM02S as well as the ESP32-S3 microcontroller architecture we’ve already introduced in the F01 S3. All the code you write during your early project stages can be ported saving you time and money. It couldn’t be easier.


Data Sheet Here

This Data Sheet includes Pin-to-Pin compatibility Information for previous products users.

And of course, this F01 S3 EVK and all the contents are supported by our documentation and technical support team.


For volume discounts please contact Sales@pycom.io

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