F01 S3 OEM Module


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The new F01 S3 is a quad LPWAN network OEM module that gives you everything you know from the FiPy and more.
As a continuation of our successful Espressif-based portfolio, the F01 S3 features ESP32-S3 MCU and Semtech and Sequans radio modules this multi network module will take your from PoC to Scale in the fastest possible way.

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Part of the F01 OEM Range, the S3 features LoRa, WiFi, BLE and cellular LTE–CAT M1/ NB1. The F01 S3 is next generation based on the most powerful Espressif MCU, Semtech and Sequans radio modules. It’s a MicroPython-programmable microcontroller OEM module which is a perfect enterprise grade IoT platform for flexible multi-network creations and rapid scaling of Things that connect to the Internet.

Availability: March 2023.
Number of units available: Limited


High Level Features

IMPORTANT: These specifications may be subject to change without further notice.

  • Powerful Espressif ESP32 S3 CPU
  • Semtech LoRa network module
  • Sequans Monarch for dual cellular modes Cat-M1/NB1
  • Flagship NXP Security chip
  • Easily SMT mounts onto standard carrier boards, breadboards or M.2 boards
  • Optional form factors with external antenna connectors, RGB LED, Reset button and more
  • Four Networks including WiFi, BLE, Cellular LTE–CAT M1/NB1, LoRa (and Sigfox as optional addition)
  • World ready as one product covers all LoRa(WAN) frequencies (apart from 433/470MHz) and LTE–M bands
  • MicroPython programmable with Ultra–Low power usage: a fraction of other connected microcontrollers
  • 28 IOs broken out on the module pads
  • Size 40mm x 16mm x 2.7mm



Full Specification

Being updated. Coming shortly



  • Microcontroller ESP32-S3
  • Xtensa® dual-core 32-bit LX7 microcontroller, up to 240MHz.
  • Hardware floating point acceleration
  • Python multi–threading
  • 512 KB of internal SRAM
  • 384 KB of internal ROM
  • 16 KB SRAM in RTC



  • Flagship SE050C2HQ 40nm NXP® IntegralSecurity architecture
  • Common Criteria EAL 6+ certified up to OS level as a safe environment to run pre-installed NXP IoT applets, supporting full encrypted communications and secured lifecycle management
  • RSA & ECC functionalities, high key length and future proof curves
  • AES & 3DES encryption and decryption
  • HMAC, CMAC, SHA-1, SHA-224/256/384/512 operations
  • Support of main TPM functionalities
  • Secured flash user memory up to 50kB
  • I2C Target​ (High-speed mode, 3.4 Mbit/s), I2C Controller​ (Fast-mode, 400 kbit/s)
  • SCP03 (bus encryption and encrypted credential injection on applet and platform level)
  • Standard (-25 to +85 °C) and extended temp range for industrial applications (-40 to +105 °C)


External Memory

  • 8 Mbytes of RAM
  • 8 Mbytes of flash



  • Espressif ESP32 S3
  • 11b/g/n



  • Expressif ESP32-S3
  • Low energy
  • Bluetooth LE: Bluetooth 5, Bluetooth mesh
  • Data rate: 2 Mbps



  • Semtech SX1262
  • LoRaWAN stack – Class A, B & C Devices
  • 869/915MHz LPWA Module
  • Transmit up to +15dBm.
  • Low power consumption


  • Sequans GM02S specification
  • One single chip for both CAT M1 and NB1
  • LTE CAT M1 – 23 dBm
  • 3GPP release 13 compliant
  • 3GPP Rel. 13 eDRX and PSM modes
  • Power Consumption: enables up to 10 year battery life
    • Hibernation current: 1.5 μA (average)
    • eDRX current: <45 uA (avg) @ 8 Hyperframes
    • +23dBm for each band



– Running at 32KHz



–  SSL/TLS support
–  WPA Enterprise security


Hash / Encryption

– SHA – MD5 – DES – AES


Certifications and Compliance

The F01 S3 is planned for the following compliance and certifications

  • RED Directive
  • ROHS
  • CE
  • FCC IC
  • RCM

As this is an OEM module with a certification using Pycom Antenna specifications it is likely to require further certification as it is manufactured into a finished product. Pycom can assist with the process.

Full Specification

Data Sheet Here

This Data Sheet includes Pin-to-Pin compatibility Information for previous products users.


For volume discounts please contact Sales@pycom.io

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