Pygate is an 8-channel LoRaWAN gateway. Connect your WiPy 3.0, LoPy4 and GPy and hook up any other Pycom devices and voila – a decentralised IoT network.

NOTE: Just add a WiPy, LoPy4 or GPy to provide the processing capabilities as well as the ability to connect to the Internet, radio control and baseband processing.



Pygate is Pycom’s latest hardware tech portfolio addition.

This is a new super low-cost 8-channel LoRaWAN gateway that comes in the shape of a shield. It’s got the well-known form factor from our other shields and you can connect your much loved WiPy3, LoPy4 or a GPy to it. Hook in your Pycom development boards up and you have yourself a nifty little decentralized IoT network in one go. Pygate also fits inside the Universal IP67 Case so you don’t have to limit yourself to indoors.

Choose your gateway frequency using this detailed country list:

Connect a WiPy3, LoPy4 or a GPy to this shield and then hook in all your other Pycom devices and you have yourself a nifty little decentralised IoT network in one go.

Check out the optional Power over Ethernet via daughter board.


  • Dual SX1257 transceivers for a total of 8 channels support
  • Frequencies: 863-870 MHz and 902-928 MHz
  • Baseband processor: SX1308
  • Compatible with WiPy3.0, GPy and LoP4
  • Ultra-low power standby mode
  • Ethernet with PoE via the optional daughter board
  • Powered via USB, LiPo Battery and Ethernet via the optional daughter board
  • LiPo battery charging via the USB port
  • USB to serial connection for the Pycom module with auto-programming features
  • Dimensions: 65 (W) x 50 (L) x 8 (H) mm
    (Same small form factor as the Expansion Board v3.0/v3.1)
  • Fits the universal IP67 Case for outdoor use


PoE Adapter Specification

(This is optional and must be purchased separately)

  • PoE (Power Over Ethernet) with 1.5A current delivery.
  • It can provide power for the Pygate and the Pycom module attached to it.
  • 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX Physical Layer Support
  • Auto-Negotiation: 10/100 Mbps Full- and HalfDuplex
  • Plug and play compatibility with Pygate.
  • Works transparently using the TCP/IP stack embedded into our MicroPython modules.
  • Dimensions: 21 (W) x 55 (L) x 32 (H) mm



If you are in doubt as to which region to choose for your country please check here.


Important Note: Pygate is not compatible with FiPy.

Additional information

Weight 0.065 kg
Power Options

Stand-Alone, With Power Over Ethernet (PoE)


868MHz, 915MHz

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