PyGo Cradle


Introducing the PyGo Cradle compatible with the PyGo1 and PyGo2 devices.



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Introducing the PyGo Cradle compatible with the PyGo1 and PyGo2 devices

NOTE: Does not include the PyGo devices

The new Enterprise Cradle allows you to connect your PyGo devices. You can run 2 external antennas via u.fl connectors (LoRa/Sigfox and LTE-M). The Enterprise cradle (see photo above) will also act as a wireless charging base. You can continue the same development tools you are enjoying right now as transferring the code will be done OTA (so no wires required).

The Enterprise cradle will allow for a total of 8 universal inputs/outputs with digital/analogue capabilities so that you can connect different types of sensors and actuators from your own PCBs. Inside this cradle will be an ESP32 chip using BLE connectivity to the PyGo modules to transmit wirelessly your data.


  • Processing: ESP32 (240MHz core, WiFi + Bluetooth) powered running MicroPython fully programmable.
  • Power: 3.5 to 5.5V power input @500mA.
  • Charge: QI Wireless Charging technology. Can charge 1 PyGo.
  • In/Out: 8 analog input (0-3.3V 12bit SAR ADC) and digital (3.3V logic) input/output pins.
  • USB-C connector for power and serial communication /

Size: 33mm/42.5mm x 41 mm x 18.7mm


  • 25g
  • 50g (Packaged)

Additional information

Weight 0.041 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 5 × 0.8 cm

50 g


33mm/42.5mm x 41 mm x 18.7mm

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