Proximus EnCo feedback rewarded with 10 WiPy ! 

Proximus EnCo is working around the clock to exit from beta stage and enter in official v.1. ! Now, more than ever, we need your feedback… and you ll get (well) rewarded for it: we giveaway 10 WiPy !

Better than a book, a WiPy for the beach

We are giving away 10 WiPy to the most valuable feedbacks out there! It’s a tradition at EnCo: we support creation on our platform by all means. Feedbacks are always valuable and the more we gather, the better EnCo will be suited for you. We want to develop the most efficient dev toolbox environment. So, don’t hesitate to report bugs, suggest features and share your EnCo stories with us! You can send your feedback to

Proximus WiPy

This action will last from July 15th until Aug 15th 2016 and is reserved to EnCo users registered on

Our Free Beta on started in November.

For the whole beta duration, we accompanied projects, workshops were organized, we met some of our users, great stories came out, and already valuable feedbacks were exchanged. From a few IoT API’s, we added more APIs and features every now and then. The Cloud Channels were released for Hackapost and the DIS just arrived last week. We also added new devices support like our beloved WiPy (check Pycom here). Now, it’s your time to play with it. Why not by the swimming pool while drinking cocktails?

You can already check our WiPy documentation here