The world’s most integrated IoT platform

Pybytes is our free middleware platform available for all Pycom modules. It gives you cloud-based access to all your devices, hardware and status info, and we’ve added some really cool widgets in a completely configurable dashboard to give you access to your telemetry data too. Check it out.

End-to-end solutions to fit any project

1 – Program

Program your application using our Pymakr IDE interfacing with popular code editors, including Atom, PyCharm, Sublime and Visual Studio Code.

2 – Connect

Connect your hardware to the Pybytes platform in under 30 seconds and bring your devices to life

3 – Deploy & Maintain

Manage and maintain your devices with our fully customisable interface. Set the alerts relevant to your application and use case.

Graphical & Text Interface

Quickly manage all your data flows and see real-time results from your connected things through a wide array of graphical and text features such as bar and line charts.

Easy Setup

Pybytes works very easily and straight out of the box. You simply hook up your Pycom module, select what module you’re using and what you’re using it for, then the pre-configured settings will enable you to immediately see your device and data appear on the portal.

With a few clicks of the mouse, a few strokes of the keyboard, you can rename your device, see which firmware is loaded, current network, battery life and much, much more.

In-Depth Analysis

Set up alerts on a particular device or group of devices. For example, to notify when battery life is below 25%. You choose the variables to look out for, giving you freedom and flexibility to manage your devices efficiently.

Device Management

Here you can check the firmware version of your device, when it last sent data, how much data was sent, what network it connected to last and much, much more.

Tell Pybytes how you want to view your devices, wether that’s on a map, as a grid, or as a table. As well as filter them by any available detail, such as name, hardware type, network, location, firmware or software version, battery life etc.

In essence, Pybytes gives you everything you need to manage your devices their health.

Cross Platform Integration

There are APIs to other middleware platforms too. You know we believe in giving you freedom to choose, so it’s super flexible.

We’re working on integration with other middleware platforms such as GoogleMS Azure and AWS to name a few. The choice is yours.


Pybytes offers geolocation, enabled by Google Geolocation Services, providing an accuracy of approximately 20 meters. There are costs associated with this particular feature and we therefore charge a small contribution if you wish to use it.