Pycom Co-Founder Bettina Rubek Slater was featured on Women of Wearables this week.

Excerpt and link to article below:

Bettina Rubek Slater is a Pycom co-founder and a tech marketeer. She spent 20+ years in a variety of tech companies including major blue chip organisations and a handful of start-ups covering areas of consumer electronics, telco and network technologies. With a degree in Engineering and an MBA, she brings product marketing and operational strategy as well as tactical planning to the company. She’s a multi-lingual Dane who speaks fluent English and French and is happy to produce creative attempts and other Scandinavian languages as well as German. She is based in the UK…..

Read more about the idea behind Pycom and how she and the team came up with it, where it all started and how we overcame obstacles along the way. She also touches on what it means to be a women in tech and what here passions are in the regard….

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