Thanks to our dedicated development team, Pymakr just had the refresh button pushed. Prepare to be impressed. 

Regardless of whether you’re new to Pycom or a veteran supporter, you’ll know that Pymakr is our plug-in for Atom and VSCode. It’s the easy way to write your MicroPython code, click run and well, you’re pretty much good to go. (If you are still getting to grips with it, just head over to our documentation for a breakdown of how to install and use).   

Now, with our new features, things just got even easier.  

All of the updates that you can dig your teeth into have been listed below:


Pybytes and Pymakr LTE Activation 

It is now possible to provision your device over LTE with the Pymakr plug-in on both Atom and VSCode. All you need to do is configure LTE in Pybytes and then create the device profile. To match the profile to the physical device, simply copy and paste the activation code called ‘Activation over LTE’ into Pymakr and like magic, the device will connect over LTE and be added to Pybytes. This will also work with any other serial port client that can connect to the device’s serial port, for example the console program Minicom. Taadaa!

micropython plug in update


(For the moment, the following updates are only available for the Pymakr plug-in on Atom).  


Improved UI

The interface has been rearranged. You’ll find that everything is far easier to navigate and operate.  

Pymakr then…

micropython plug in update 

Pymakr now!

atom and VSCode plug in


Multiple device connections

Multiple devices can be connected simultaneously, with one independent terminal for each. As you can see on the image below, there are two devices connected to two different terminals. 

Pymakr refresh internet of things platform


Dynamic workspace

The current project or workspace can now be selected on Pymakr’s project dropdown and not on Atom’s file tree.  There is now a field where you can choose the specific folder that you want to work with. 

The ‘Hello World’ folder has been selected 

pymakr internet of things refresh

The ‘Another Folder’ folder has been selected

pymakr internet of things refresh

Customisable font size

 You can now change the terminal font size. (Near-sighted people, your time is now.) Just head to the Global Settings of Pymakr and change the REPL font size to whatever suits your needs. Please note that there is a limit of 50 px. 

Pymaker plug in update


Light or Dark theme support

 Pymakr now supports Light/Dark themes. So, you can join it to the ranks of Slack and Twitter.  Just head to Atom’s Settings and choose UI ‘One Light’ and Syntax Theme ‘One Light’ and voila! 

internet of things devices connected internet of things devices connected

There you have it, a list of our Pymakr updates so far.  For you VSCode users out there, we’re looking at how we can make the plug-in better for you too – so hang tight.  


Now, all that’s left is for you to do is #GOINVENT!  


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