Pymate is our free widget-based Mobile App that let’s you manage and control your Pycom board. Set it up with one hand and see all your data on your phone… on the go or just because it’s cool and you want to.

Easy Setup

With Pymate you can do some awesome stuff with your device right out of the box. You can connect to it to your router, read real time values from your sensors using Line Charts and Bar chart, control LEDs, relays and more.

Use the Python REPL console from your phone. Better still, all of your devices are automatically synced between all of your logged in phones and tablets.

It’s available on the Apple App store and the Android App store now so you can go straight there and get yours today. But remember to regularly check your device firmware version for updates.

Detailed Controls

Although Pymate requires absolutely no code, we’ve still included lots of detailed controls to help you get the most out of your board.

Widget Based Interface

Our widget based interface allows you to see realtime data from your boards in an array of graphical formats and controls, from sliders to graphs and more!