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CES is very much about IoT this year and what better than to give people a view of our clever little WiPy?

We have been very busy at the Texas Instruments Village at CES 2016. The WiPy has been so well received, so well in fact that we are completely overwhelmed.

Here’s Fred introducing the Pycom stand (enjoy!):

Pycom at CES Fred - iot dev kit

…and, here’s Daniel introducing the beautiful WiPy Demo and the Pymakr IDE (which is launching on 27th January) (again, enjoy!).

Introducing WiPy and Pymakr IDE at CES - iot dev kit
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Catch you soon by a tweet near you.

The Pycom Team




The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an yearly, global trade show put on by the Consumer Technology Association.  Held every year in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the event is made up of presentations by the world’s leading electronics companies on their latest products and consumer electronics.  Industry experts gather to discuss the business of consumer technologies, and in recent years has become the platform for innovators, developers and breakthrough technologies to thrive and eventually be introduced to the marketplace.  The CES attracts the world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers, to create a thought-provoking event with over 175,000 attendees to date.