LoRa Network Services

Decentralise your network!

We’ve made it easy for you to get up and running with your own LoRa network. Use our Chirpstack implementation on Pybytes and combine it with LoPy4, Pygate, FiPy or other LoRa based devices.

It’s super quick to set up and you run it all for free.

More about how you can use Chirpstack for your own LoRa network.

You can read more about this implementation here or visit our documentation to get instructions as to how to set up Want to start now?

LoRa Network providers around the world

There are many LoRa networks provided around the world. You can connect our LoRa based Pycom devices such as LoPy4, FiPy, L01 and L04 to any of those you choose. Find one near you on Semtech’s Ecosystem page.

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