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Our software portfolio will get anyone up and running in no time. Whether you’re an amateur hobbyist, experienced hobbyist, professional or enterprise project manger we have just the right stuff for you, across a range of platforms:




Need Help?

Our documentation and forums are a hive of information, tutorials and community. Don’t hesitate to jump on over and discover the breadth of information available.

At the same time, our pinout diagrams show you all pin level functionality in an easy to interpret manner.

Pymakr Plugin

We made the decision to decommission our IDE Pymakr recently, and to replace it with a Pymakr plugin for popular code editors including Atom, Sublime, Visual Studio Code and PyCharm . From here, you can program anything your heart desires, in the super-fast programming language MicroPython. You can find out more on our documentation.

Currently, only Pymakr plugins for Atom and Visual Studio Code are available to use. The plugins for Sublime and PyCharm are in the pipeline.


Pybytes is our new middleware platform available for all Pycom development boards, modules and your IoT products based on those.
Pybytes works very easily and straight out of the box. You simply hook up your Pycom module, select what module you’re using and what you’re using it for, then the pre-configured settings will enable you to immediately see your device and data appear on the portal.


Pymate is our free widget-based Mobile App that let’s you manage and control your Pycom board. With Pymate you can do some awesome stuff with your device right out of the box. You can connect to it to your router, read real time values from your sensors using line and bar charts, control LEDs, relays and more.



Join us over on the Pycom Forum where there are loads more people who know a lot about MicroPython, our development boards and hacking in general. It’s a great network of Pyoneers.

The Pycom documentation covers everything you need to get started with any of our boards, plus lots of tutorials and FAQs.

Our downloads page has a range of specification sheets, firmware updates, pin-out diagrams and more.

Our Github page is a very active place with lots of information and repositories to get you going.

For those you are best off firing off an email to the support team. They almost always respond within an hour or so, so give it a go. Email

If you’ve just acquired some of our products, visiting our Getting Started page might be your first port of call.

We work with a number of customers to design and develop their connected solutions. Either from scratch or putting it all together. Email us with your project and we’ll come straight back to you with a proposal. Email

We have a Tutorials Page with a range of subjects to get you started or provide inspiration for new projects.

The FAQs page is in the works, but still has some common questions and answers. If you have any questions you’d like to add please let us know and we can add them to the list!