This is the Internet of Things. This is where everything starts connecting.

Imagine grabbing your parcel from the postman, unboxing your Pycom board and loading one of the Pymakr plugins into your favourite code editor to get started. What if you could simply download the Pymate mobile app as well as, for instance, a temperature sensing code snippet or full app from Pycom’s IoT App Store and being able to get your development board up and running showing data on your mobile in a matter of hours. That’s how easy we want IoT development to be!

Some might say, that’s too little of the hard coding stuff for me, I want to write my own…and so they do, again in a matter of hours rather than days or months. There’s only a few lines of MicroPython code for every 100 lines of C code. There’s your equation of how to get super fast, flexible and multi-network IoT.


Our hardware portfolio includes a comprehensive range of development boards, expansion boards, sensor shields and OEM hardware spanning a combination of five different networks. Providing essential components for your IoT project.

Development Boards

Our development boards are industry best products, perfect no matter your skill set. The super easy to use MicroPython programming language runs on all our boards, meaning you can get up and running as fast as possible.

Expansion Boards & Shields

Our expansion boards and shields enable further functionality for your development boards such as a microSD card reader, USB to serial connection, LiPo battery connector, and a range of sensors amongst many other features! Sensors available are ambient light, humidity and temperature, barometric pressure and altimeter, accelerometer and GPS.

With our expansion boards and shields you can get started developing immediately, making sensing, tracking and monitoring extremely simple.

OEM Products & Integration Services

Our OEM integration services provide best-in-industry solutions to any IoT project you throw our way. If your project is relatively small scale or even the largest of its kind, we have it sorted. The OEM products we provide are extremely low power, meaning the application will run for much longer than other OEM IoT providers can offer.


Amateur hobbyist? Experienced developer? Tech industry king? We have the tools for you. Pymate runs straight from your smartphone to gather data without a single line of code. Or if you want more control, the Pymakr plugins allow you to code anything you desire in a range of popular code editors. Finally there’s Pybytes, which allows you to store, monitor and analyse every single bit of data coming from your Pycom module.