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Agritech Overview

Agritech is the term used for connected solutions in Agriculture that connect livestock and crop environments to improve production efficiencies in farming.
Within IoT, the use of technology helps farmers produce more with less, to make the farming process more efficient, from field monitoring to the food supply chain itself.

Agritech solutions include livestock and crop monitoring as well as industrial automation around machinery with common examples being temperature and location sensors attached to livestock, soil condition monitoring combined with weather forecasts and asset tracking of large machinery used in industrial farming.

How it works


Fast IoT

Our Fast IoT Dashboards give you or your customers instant access to the data captured on connected IoT devices. Wizard-based & super intuitive, these can be set up in minutes to transform raw data into information needed to make smart decisions.

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Powerful Cloud

Our device cloud leverages our deep full-stack tech expertise to give you an engine that connects your embedded hardware to the dashboard. You can set up devices, networks and IoT applications, manage and maintain everything and scale it when you need to.

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Smart Software

No one can use hardware without Software. We’ve got tons of that. From Firmware, drivers, scripts, through to plugins and application software this is all part of the Pycom platform that makes IoT projects easier and quicker to develop. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use what’s already out there.

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LPWAN Access

Our development technology portfolio supports all common LPWANs used in IoT. Our gateway technology including WiFi, BLE, LoRa, Sigfox and cellular CAT-M1 and NB1 and all of this in various combinations on miniaturised hardware that is easy to fit into even the smallest places.


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Things & Sensors

Every Thing Communicates

We have a portfolio of smart BLE and LoRa based sensors to connect and capture data from any environment. Over time we have also developed some smart plug & play devices that can be inserted into most connected solutions with minimal effort. Some of these are supported by mobile apps for extra ease of use.

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