IoT Platform
as a Service

We work with our partners to deliver full or parts of their IoT offering,
sometimes under their own brand under the ‘powered by pycom’ banner. 

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Platform as a Service leveraging our deep expertise

Pycom’s deep expertise in all areas related to embedded development, wireless networking, device management, cloud platforms and IoT applications means we are perfectly positioned to deliver whatever our partners are missing.

We add services such as troubleshooting, technical support and IoT development to the mix to create a wrap around for our partners’ customers, shortening time to market and saving costs for them too.



Full IoT Stack Platform



Device Cloud




How do we make it happen?

Our whole IoT Platform is available “as a Service” which means our partners and customers benefit from something that is already built, is interoperable and works out of the box.

  • We integrate MCUs, Radio chips and sensors, building EVKs and other embedded devices…sometimes it’s fully built connected Things
  • We develop firmware, drivers and other software to run the devices and connect them to the device cloud from where they can be set up, organised and managed
  • We sprinkle with clever features and smart solutions
  • We re-brand our Device Cloud for companies and partners so they can offer a fully integrated stack
  • We support partners, our customers, their customers and our community in getting their solutions finished,, manufactured and to market

We can do all of this because we have years of deep tech expertise.

Evaluation Kits, Embedded Devices & Things

Device Cloud, branded for your company

Services wrap around to support your customers

The benefits are multiple but most of all that our partners can switch on additional services within very short timeframes.

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