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Pybytes Middleware Platform

That’s our free middleware platform available for all Pycom modules coming to a cloud near you in April 2017.
Here’s what we can say about it at this point.

It’ll work very easily and straight out of the box.
You simply hook up your Pycom module and the pre-configured settings will enable you to immediately see your device and data appear on the portal. With a few clicks of the mouse, a few strokes of the keyboard, you will rename your device, see which firmware is loaded, the type of network connection used and so on.

You can see the location of our devices.
…and if you have loads that’s dead handy. Pybytes has got Google API integration for location services, data transmission metrics

It’s going to be configurable
That’s right. You’ll be able to configure the dashboard widgits to add sensor based metrics: Temperature, movement, machine status, …, you name it, you connect it and you manage it! All in a very intuitive way.

It’s going to come with some free storage too
No hidden costs with us. We’ll include some data storage for the 1st year of each device you hook up (subject to fair use policy). After a year…let’s see, well, you can store it with us as a cost or pull the data down.

There’ll be APIs to other middleware platforms too
It’ll be super flexible. You know we believe in giving you freedom to choose. We’ll work on a set of APIs or integration with other middleware platforms… if that’s where you want to see your data go.

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