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Pycom heads to The Things Conference 2020

Pycom heads to The Things Conference 2020

facebooklinkedintwitterSo, CES has kicked off 2020 and boy oh boy have we enjoyed seeing what the folks there came up with. There’s been the weird. There’s been the wacky. Then there’s been the stuff that could actually prove really helpful. It was a real smorgasbord...

#GOINVENT Hyderabad – 19th November

#GOINVENT Hyderabad – 19th November

facebooklinkedintwitterAnd so, our #GOINVENT World Series continues. We completed our 1-day IoT technology workshop in Hyderabad on the 19th November at the HITEX Exhibition Centre in downtown Hyderabad.  Why Hyderabad?  Well, our CEO, Fred de Haro, has the answer for...

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Need our help to bring your idea to life?

Need our help to bring your idea to life?

Need our help to bring your idea to life?

We work with a number of customers to design and develop their connected solutions. Either from scratch or putting it all together. Get in touch with your project and we’ll come straight back to you with a proposal.

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LoPy4 receives RC1/2/4 Certification from Sigfox

LoPy4 receives RC1/2/4 Certification from Sigfox

We can very happily confirm that our LoPy4 boards are now Sigfox certified across RC1, RC2 and RC4.   But what does that mean?  Well, it means that our device operates at Sigfox’s standard across the following countries.   RC 1 covers the following:  Europe: Austria,...

It’s Each For Equal!

It’s Each For Equal!

It’s almost International Women’s Day!   The 8th March is a day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, a day that first began in 1911.   Around the world there are celebrations of the achievements of women; from the Apple...


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