SAFE WATER IO LIMITED is a specialist in water hygiene and provides hardware along with an evolutionary cloud-based management tool for businesses. We take ‘efficiency’ to a whole new level.

Legionella Temperature Monitoring is a legal requirement in many buildings and organisations and is covered in the UK HSE ACOP L8 guidelines. Previously, this would be managed by a person taking a manual reading of water temperature and flow. However, today, with a remotely accessed, web-based system we remove the need for monthly manual checking and instead give the teams in charge a unique visibility of their water systems, right from the comfort of their desks. This is IoT for water.

In February 2017, while at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we met the team from Pycom and started a discussion around a new type of Legionella Monitoring device for our many UK and European customers.

The conversation continued as we returned and we soon had a plan to productise the solution we had been designing. We needed to replace older monitoring equipment with fresh technology that had to meet specifications around a mesh-network set up and multiple LPWAN networks interacting in many different geographical locations.

We wanted a solution that offers our customers great benefits like

A digital self-calibrating sensor with less than 0.1°C degree heat loss for the life of the probe.

– temperature triggered parameters set via software on install for compliance/non-compliance alerts

– Email, SMS or App Alerts to notify of compliance/non-compliance, low battery, probe/gateway theft, unplugged, probe fault & signal strength or loss of signal.

– A cloud based Dashboard that enables customers to monitor and inspect their sites remotely

– Pycom gave us a turnkey solution using their Eindhoven dev team to write the monitoring application and their manufacturer In-Tech Electronics to get the hardware integrated and everything manufactured in China.

The current solution uses a LoPy LoRa gateway and a temperature sensor board enclosed in an IP67 case. Temperatures are being monitored at customisable intervals and if there’s an exception where a temperature value is higher than the set threshold an alert is sent back to the cloud based dashboard for the team to take action

Remote-Tech dashboard

Remote-Tech / Dashboard

The end result was great!

3.5 months after our initial meeting in Barcelona, with had the first batch of Legionella Monitoring devices shipping to us and our installations have been going well since.

You can see the demo of the product at Mobile World Congress Americas from 12-14 September in San Francisco.

For more information please visit our website: or get in touch with the SAFE WATER IO team via