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Jump on KCOM’s LoPy connected bike and race your colleagues.
See you at stand G3 at AWS Summit.

Amazon’s 2-day London Global WebSummit kicks off at the Excel today Wednesday 6th July with the Enterprise Summit and tomorrow with the AWS summit.
The event is for companies with complex operational environments who need a connected, cloud-based services architecture. It’s IoT in a nutshell, covering the entire stack and using Amazon Web Services as the cloud platform. The LoPy is there too.

Pycom has worked with British-based mega- IT and communications services provider, cloud experts and AWS Premier Consulting Partner (and Summit Gold Sponsors, ….and….breathe) KCOM on their nifty proof of concept to integrate LoRa (via our LoPy) with the AWS cloud solution.
It took a clever team of genius developers, two bikes, some cool networking technology (the LoPy), a cloud platform and the first connected IoT bikes have become reality.

We believe it’s the world’s first IoT bike using LoRa and WiFi in combination to send and receive data to the cloud.

The way to win is very simple:

  1. Jump on board the bike
  2. Get set using the prompts on the LCD screen, the pedals and the handle bars
  3. Start peddling towards the goal
  4. Look where you’re going
  5. DON’T STOP!!!
  6. How far is left? Eurgh, Keeeep going!!!
  7. End reached. Yay, phew, oh….

……and the best colleague wins. (We suggest large bets are organised for the occasion).

Under the hood, the clever stuff is that 2 LoPys make use of the LoRa stack to connect the bikes to a third LoPy which acts as a LoRa Nano Gateway. Sensors are connected to the bike cranks so as to monitor the numbers of pedal turns. Data points such distances travelled, remaining distance to destination, company name etc. is sent every two seconds to the third LoPy LoRa Nano Gateway. From this third LoPy, data is transferred backhaul via WiFi to the KCOM cloud server from where it is transferred to the AWS Cloud via MQTT.  Ingenious!

Pycom has worked with KCOM over the past few weeks to help the talented team make the bike come to life. “We’re still only in beta phase with the LoPy and I was quite frankly amazed at how easy and quick it was to get it working for this bike concept. We haven’t yet managed to do much testing, but I’m really happy with the result. Plus, I cannot wait to go and race our CEO Fred de Haro when we both visit the event on Thursday” says Daniel our CTO.

Take the bike challenge. Find KCOM and the LoRa connected bike on stand G3.

May the best person win.

Follow the twitter feeds from the summit: #AWSSUMMIT and #KCOMBUSINESS

About KCOM
KCOM is a communications and IT services provider.  Nationally it serves large enterprise and public sector organisations such as HMRC, needing bespoke technology solutions to help them run their organisations more efficiently and securely and improve the experience they deliver to their customers.   It serves also mid-sized businesses, including Wren Living, that are looking to increase productivity by using KCOM’s hosting, telephony and connectivity solutions.
In Hull and East Yorkshire KCOM offers phone, broadband and other communications services to residential and business customers.
KCOM employs 1,800 people and has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1999.


lopy -bike-amazing-web-services-Expansion board - micropython programmable offering WiFi, BLE and LoRa gateway