Last week, as promised, we went through a shipping activity of epic proportions to get most of the LoPy Kickstarter pledges out (….and some of you will know, we started on our web orders too).

Wow! what a feeling to be able to finally fulfil some of all those long-standing needs and wants. We owe an awful lot to those first Kickstarter backers who believed in the LoPy, Pycom and the team here.

The Team is still busy finalising web pre-orders and our expectation is that by this evening we will have ALL orders shipped. It may spill into tomorrow if we struggle.

Daniel and the Eindhoven lot have been working flat-out to release a new Pymakr version that will automatically flash new firmware versions released for all Pycom modules. This Firmware uploading process will also enable you to automatically configure the correct frequency use for your LoPy module (LoRa Frequency).

The development of our modules is nothing short of an uphill marathon. Whilst the hardware build has been completed, our work does not stop here. We have several iterations of the firmware planned and the roadmap we have put in place will ensure that over the next coming months you get to understand the incredible performance of these modules. We took a decision not to delay the manufacturing and shipping process for the modules but this does mean that our backers and customers will need to check-in for the firmware updates. We have planned a major firmware update on the 22nd October which will deliver a big improvement in Bluetooth functionality. The ESP32 toolkit was simply not complete in time however we are making big daily strides working closely with the Espressif team and you will see the results very shortly.

We have the Pymate app ready for WiPy 1.0 however we will release the complete app on the 22nd October on the App store. This is to include full control of the WiPy2.0 and LoPy. We made this decision to delay as the 22-October firmware will ensure everyone has an awesome experience with the app.

That’s all for now folks….back to packing 🙂

Best wishes,

A very tired Pycom Team