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Things and Sensors


Our portfolio of multi-network hardware includes a comprehensive range of EVKs, development boards, expansion boards, sensor shields and OEM hardware. Spanning five different networks, these form the backbone of your IoT project. In addition to this, our platform now integrates chips and modules from partners, and these are integrated into ours or their device clouds.

OEM Modules

Our OEM modules, integrate everything a device needs to function and communicate. They can be mounted in various ways and options include traditional reference or feather boards, expansion boards, m.2 boards, or directly onto a 3rd party PCB. Reference designs for integration are available.

F01 S3 OEM Module

The low power modules can run for much longer than their industry alternatives. From small scale to the largest project of its kind, we have it sorted.

F01 H7 and S3 OEM modules are on display here: 

Evaluation Kits

The starting point for any IoT development is technology evaluation. We support this with our feature rich evaluation kits that facilitate a rapid deep dive into what’s possible with our technology. You can get up and running, test and develop your IoT solutions right away and get to market ten times faster than a design from scratch.

F01 S3 OEM Module

Look for your evaluation kits on our webshop here:

Development Boards


The new Pynode range is a series of BLE (Pynode+) and LoRa (Pynode) enabled sensors allows for rapid set up of a full-scale sensing environment. The coin cell battery operated sensors work out of the box and have a neat hexagonal case that can be assembled in a hive formation so as to allow multiple sensors to collect data at any on point in time.


Our portfolio features a full suite of expansion and sensor boards, antennas, cases, and other accessories that help IoT projects achieve their potential.

See all our products and order in our webshop.

How to get Started

Pycom Documentation

The Pycom documentation covers everything you need to get started with any of our boards, plus lots of tutorials, examples + FAQs to begin building your projects.

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