We’re pleased to let you all know that the WiPy will be back in stock and ready for shipping from 18th April. It’s a bit delayed and so first an explanation which we hope will help you understand and then some news…

As you may know, the WiPy was created on the back of our successful 2015 KICKSTARTER campaign. It kept us busy with development and then initial order fulfilment for a good part of last year. To ensure sustainability, we then had to give our operations an overhaul to make it more consistent and longer term.

So we set Pycom up in November 2015. It’s been a massive task including the parts of doing so you’d probably be interested to know (all good things come in 3s as they say):

  1. We decided to migrate all manufacturing to a world-class partner in Asia. We are now able to guarantee a high quality and steady supply of products and we no longer expect “out of stock” scenarios.
  1. We decided to make the expansion board universal so that it will now fit both WiPy and LoPy.

And Finally, 3. we chose to upgrade the entire packaging around the product. If you had the original WiPy you’ll know that it came in a throw-away cardboard box. We took a relook at it and came to the conclusion we could do better! So, we set out to give WiPy customers something more reusable and protective for these next WiPys. And so having visited our new manufacturing partners in early March (to inspect the first WiPy’s and new style expansion boards), we decided to revamp and upgrade the packaging.
The results are what you see below.

WiPy_Black 300x300WiPy_SilverBag300x300 WiPyInOpenBox_Small 300x300WiPy & Box Cut Out_300x3001

Nod if you like it?

This above now means not only is there less chance of any shipment damage but also customers will get a useful box to reuse for boards or bits and bobs.
We hope you will share our thinking that it’s been worth the delay.
The WiPys and the new expansion boards will be shipped out from our factory on 15th April meaning they will be in Europe 18th April ready to ship.

But, we have a little something else up our sleeve too: a new Universal Casing for either WiPy or LoPy plus expansion board – the PyCase. We expect those to be available in about 10 weeks’ time and as you can see on the CADs below they are transparent cases measuring ca 65mm x 77 m x 28.15mm with an expected RRP of €8 (excl. VAT and Shipping).

PyCaseLogo_300x300PyCase3_300x300   PyCase2_300x300   PyCase1_300x300


Nod again if you like it…


That’s all for now. Thanks again for your loyal and continued support.

Best wishes

The Pycom Team